3 Mantras for Self-Love

What a fabulous month of self-love February has been! As we’ve traversed its amorous days, our goal has been to fulfill the Ilsa Fragrances mission: empower you to believe in yourself and all you can do (and, of course, smell good while doing it!).

So today, tomorrow, whenever, always – pick one, some, or even all three of the fabulous mantras from this month and take a moment to repeat them to yourself. Watch how your power, your self-belief, YOU grow, believe, and achieve all the amazing things you are capable of! 

1. I Am Becoming

    I Am Becoming who I want to be, what I want to be. I am becoming the self that is the truest, most honest version of me. I am becoming strong and powerful in my self-belief, knowing that I can achieve my dreams and goals because I have infinite capabilities. 

    2. I Am Love

      I Am Love recognizes we each hold love within us. It acknowledges the love we hold within for ourselves, and for others. It allows us to have open (or begin opening!) our hearts to make them available for healing, loving and accepting not just ourselves, which is so hard to do, but others as well.

      3. I Am Resilient

      You have an amazing strength within you! You are taking this strength and you are out there conquering, being resilient and overcoming whatever comes your way.