4 Mantras for Empowerment

And just like that it’s the last Monday in January ! As we’ve moved through the month it’s been our goal to fulfill the Ilsa Fragrances mission: empower you to believe in yourself and all you can do (and, of course, smell good while doing it!).

So today, tomorrow, whenever, always – pick one, some, or even all four, and take a moment to repeat them to yourself. Watch how your power, your self-belief, YOU grow, believe, and achieve all the amazing things you are capable of!

1. I recognize who I am and what I can do

YOU are an amazing person with many talents and capabilities. But don’t take our word for it – show yourself! Grab a pen and paper, set a 1-minute timer and list out all the things you can do. This can be as simple as rolling your tongue, and as magnificent as singing so high you can break glass. When the timer goes, read your list (however short or long it is) and look at the unique and, yes, AMAZING, things you can do!

2. I have time

Time is one of those precious commodities that we never can have enough of, yet taking a moment to appreciate life, ourselves, someone or something is vastly important for our mental wellbeing. So, the next time you’re rushing around, feeling too busy, or even overwhelmed, take a moment. Pause and say to yourself, “I have time.” It's so good for your mind, body and soul to slow your roll when you can, and we hope this little mantra helps with that.

3. I can

We at Ilsa Fragrances want you to know you CAN. You can get out of bed. You can go back to school in your forties. You can get back into the workforce after you’ve been at home with your babies. You can pursue your passion by dedicating time to it each day. You can do hard things. Believe in the amazing things you can do because, in truth, you’re more than what you think you are, and we believe in YOU.

4. Have fun

Research has shown that when we do something we enjoy, dopamine is released. This leads to a feeling of positivity that can counteract the negative weight of daily life stresses. So today, as you go through your usual routine, say to yourself “have fun” and add a little flair to your task – watch how your joy (and that of others, too!) multiplies!