Ask the Question

On social media, we post an inspiring and motivational quote about once a week. Recently, one was, “If you never ask, the answer is always no”, and, interestingly, soon after the post I found myself taking this advice! I was in a situation, I had a question I was nervous about asking, but I decided to ask because if I didn’t, well, then the answer would automatically be no!😉

So, I reached out, took courage, and asked my question. Guess what? The answer was no. What’s more, sadly, it wasn’t just no, it was actually a very rude no.

As an introvert and someone who doesn’t like inconveniencing people, this was quite a shock and even a little unsettling. BUT ! Did that negative experience mean give up? No way. I thanked the person for their time and took my question to another person.

I asked. And guess what? The answer was no again, but it was a much kinder no, and one that came with an explanation.

After this, I moved on, but what had I learned?

One thing is that when you do ask the question, the answer may just be no. What’s important is that you’ve had the courage to ask.

Another thing is relationships. I'd never been in contact with these two people before approaching them with my question – perhaps if I had built up a relationship with them first, they may have been more willing to say yes and help.

For the moment, I don’t have the answer to this, but I am proud of my introverted self for having the courage to reach out and ask my question! I also remind myself that with each challenge, I grow and learn more about myself, becoming more knowledgeable and more confident as I move forward towards achieving my goals.

And, remember, when you push yourself and have courage, you do too!

Never mind the sky, there is no limit!