Confessions of a Mompreneur: Gratitude

Gratitude. I’ve got so much gratitude for family and friends that it’s hard to even properly express it.

Ilsa Fragrances could not exist without the love and support from my friends and family. This is not an exaggeration and let me tell you why.

Last week I left my house at 4am on Monday morning. I landed in New York that afternoon. I was now across the country from my family, separated not only by distance, but time, 3hrs ahead to be exact. My scheduled returned? Friday morning.

I am the main caregiver for our two littles. My husband usually leaves before 7am and gets home about 6pm. I do breakfast, get the girls ready and to preschool, I pick them up, I manage afternoon naps and activities, I do dinner.

With my absence, that meant my husband had to manipulate his work schedule to be available, we had to up the time for the girls at the school and, because of course Murphy’s law, my husband had important meetings that week so family were called in to help, too.

Thus, my endless gratitude.

Gratitude to my husband for his incredible support in every aspect of making this ‘Ilsa Fragrances Goes to Indie Beauty Expo NY’ trip happen; to my girls for their flexibility and helpfulness to Dad while I was away (because we all know they really could’ve been a nightmare ! lol); to their teachers for their loving care of my littles for ten hours a day; to my family for their availability to help with the girls when Dad couldn’t get out of his meetings.

Gratitude to my New York crew – childhood friends who I haven’t lived close to in years, even decades (!), but whom I wouldn’t have been successful in New York without. Thank you for housing me! Thank you for cheering for me!

Thank you for storing my stuff, driving it into the city, setting up, working the event, being an awesome Ilsa Fragrances representative, packing up, getting me to the airport by 6am (!)…and then housing and organizing shipment of my product back to Arizona. This doesn’t even include the ripple effect – my gratitude for the husband (my friend & dear friend’s hubby) who took off two days from work to be with their children so my friend could help; and for their children to give me their mother for this time (because we all know how kiddos love us and want us most when we’re away! lol).

My heart overflows with gratitude and love when I think about all the incredible people in my life who must think I’m kinda ok and this dream of Ilsa Fragrances is worth something.

I don’t think I could ever express to you all what this means to me !

When they say it takes a village, it really, truly, does, and I am so grateful for mine.