Inner Peace and Acceptance

Happy belated Mother’s Day! As I reflected on motherhood this past weekend, I also thought about change.

From the moment you have a baby, life is transformed. It blossoms into beautiful memories, challenging moments, and things we are powerless to effect.

One aspect of motherhood I ruminated on was physical growth. The newborn stage was quite challenging for me as a first-time mom and one of the ways I got through it was knowing that it was finite – that things would change (if you want full details on this, read my chapter in Deserts to Mountaintops!).

Yet now that my daughters are 8 and 6, I sometimes wish they would stop growing, stop changing, and stay in this precious stage of childhood wonder and joy forever.

But I can’t - I can’t stop them from growing, maturing and heading out to face the world, which leads me to our Monday mantra: I accept and find peace in what I can’t change.

So, instead, I accept. I accept that they are advancing from being my precious baby girls to courageous young women. I find peace in recognizing that I cannot change this situation. Instead, I embrace it and create a space of love and support to prepare them for what comes next.

So, whatever uncontrollable situation you’re faced with – a sick loved one, a traffic jam, a canceled flight, a chronic illness, or even small annoyances like bad weather or obsessively barking dogs, take five minutes to do some mindful breathing and repeat the mantra: I accept and find peace in what I can’t change.

Once we accept the things that are out of our control, we can move forward with inner peace and support ourselves and others with what is needed. Like an umbrella on a rainy day, or a comforting hug on a difficult day.

Much love to you,