Fragrance. Perfume. Scent. Smell.

I was introduced to the world of fragrance when I fell into a job at the largest fragrance and flavor manufacturing company in the world.

As I learned my role, I learned the intricate and beautiful part fragrance plays in our lives. At the same time, I fell more and more in love with scent as a creative and artistic outlet, and thus began to develop my nose to understand scent’s complex layers.

I had simple fragrance training – smelling fruit (lemon vs. orange), herbs (fresh basil vs. fresh thyme); learning the difference between spearmint (think gum) and peppermint (think candy cane)…

And more intricate training – using smelling strips and raw materials to understand the subtle difference between scents, like lemongrass (a fresh, lemon-ginger-bug repellent-fatty smell) vs. citronella (a fresh, lemon-ginger-bug repellent smell).

It’s with intense artistic passion that I smell everything, pulling apart the scent layers as I distinguish the intricate top, middle and bottom notes.

It’s with this same passion that I created Infinite No 1.

I worked with the perfumers to weave the complex and beautiful layers of notes together in the hope of sharing the artistry and joy of fragrance with you.

I’d love to know if I succeeded – please leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to let me know!