Gifts That Give

It’s the holidays already! I absolutely love this time of year, though it’s hard to believe it’s here when we’re still wearing flipflops in Phoenix, Arizona. (Something I’m grateful for!)

During the holiday season, we know life can get even more hectic than it already is, so here at Ilsa Fragrances we’ve created gifts for your loved ones that are beautiful, indulgent and, of course, have purpose. They’re available November 1-30, and I particularly can’t wait for what we’ve got for you Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend!

Through our luxuriant products we seek to empower women to believe in themselves and all they can do, so, with each sale, we donate a percentage to Girls on the Run. Why Girls on the Run? As a mother of daughters, and one who struggled with self-esteem and lack of self-belief into adulthood, I believe all girls deserve the opportunity to be empowered and believe in themselves as early as possible!

With Ilsa Fragrances products, not only will you be giving a beautiful scent to your loved one, but you’ll be giving a gift that gives, helping a young girl become a strong and confident woman. What better gift is that?

Remember – never mind the sky, there is no limit to what you can do and achieve!

Happy holidays,