Have Some Fun

The grind of daily life can really get you down. The alarm goes off and then you set off into your routine, mindlessly doing one task after the other until it’s bedtime once again.

But, what if, when that alarm goes off in the morning, instead of grumbling, rolling out of bed and sleepily getting some coffee, you whisper to yourself “have fun” and put on your favorite song? Suddenly the routine morning tasks turn into a dance party. Before you know it, you’re smiling and in a better mood – don’t just take our word for it, though.

Research has shown that when we do something we enjoy, dopamine is released. This leads to a feeling of positivity that can counteract the negative weight of daily life stresses.

So today, as you go through your usual routine, say to yourself “have fun” and add a little flair to your task. Long commute into work? Skip the radio and call your bestie. Walking from the parking lot to your office? Put a little skip in your step. Doing some grocery shopping? Dance your way through the aisles. Taking the kids to the park? Go down the slide with them!

Embrace today’s Monday mantra have fun… and have fun!