Helping Kindness

We’re moving forward on our journey to spreading love, kindness, joy and positivity to others and ourselves. Thank you for coming along with me!

Today I’m thinking about when others do something unexpectedly for me. It’s usually just a small gesture, but it always makes a big impact.

You know what I’m talking about?

Like when someone holds the door open when my hands are full, or when someone lets me go in front of them in line if they have a lot of items and I only have a few, or when I get up in the morning and find my husband’s already taken out the overflowing trash. (Yessss!)

Whenever someone shows kindness through helping me in these offhand ways, I’m forever grateful. And what’s even more amazing about these small, helpful gestures is that when we do them we are actually not only being kind to someone else, but to ourselves as well. Research has shown that when we show gratitude and are kind to others we (ourselves!) benefit in ways such as having positive emotions, better health and stronger relationships.

So, c’mon! Let’s take another step together to spread some love!

Today’s step: Do something helpful and unexpected for someone else.

Maybe it’s pulling your neighbor’s trash can back from the curb, maybe it’s letting someone in the lane while you’re driving, or maybe it’s giving someone 6ft of space and wearing a mask.

There are countless ways of doing something helpful and unexpected for someone - I can’t wait to hear how you made someone smile through your kind actions, let me know on facebook, instagram or twitter!

Remember, never mind the sky, there is no limit to what you can achieve!