IBE Best In Show Nominee


So excited to announce Ilsa Fragrances is an Indie Beauty Expo Best In Show Best Fragrance nominee!

What does this mean, exactly? Out of 600 brands from 5 different international shows, 9 fragrances were nominated by buyers and attendees...and we were one of them !

Up next comes the finalists in December and winners in January. How are they deciding? IBE has a panel of beauty professional experts evaluating the products based on functionality, efficacy, texture, durability, packaging, scent, ingredients, performance, design and social responsibility. 

So grateful to be honored in this way after all the hard work that went into creating, designing, and producing our beautiful, empowering fragrances. I can't wait to see what happens next !

To learn more, visit the Indie Beauty Expo Best In Show Nominees page.

Remember - never mind the sky, there is no limit !