Infinite Capabilities

Have you noticed the Ilsa Fragrances symbol is the hummingbird? (Take a peek at our logo up in the corner if you haven’t!). If the Ilsa Fragrances mission is to empower women to believe in themselves and all they can do, what does the tiniest bird in the world have to do with that?

Everything, really. Let us explain - did you know the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly forwards AND backwards? One type, the rufous hummingbird, migrates 3000 miles twice a year ! These unique birds are miraculous, and we’ve chosen them as our symbol because even though they are tiny, they are mighty and they can. They can fly forwards and backwards, hover, fly sideways AND upside down. They can see and hear better than humans; they can fly at 30mph and dive at up to 60mph; they can fly 500miles nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico… these magnificent birds can.

And that’s what we at Ilsa Fragrances want you to know. You CAN. You can get out of bed. You can go back to school in your forties. You can get back into the workforce after you’ve been at home with your babies. You can pursue your passion by dedicating time to it each day. You can do hard things.

Today, we challenge you to find the nearest piece of paper and pen, set a timer for one minute and in that minute write “I can__________” filling in the blank with things you feel may seem impossible (like becoming a published author), but we assure you are indeed possible (our founder Ilsa Manning will be a published author on Jan 25!). Once the timer has gone, set down your pen, take a breath and read all the empowering things YOU are capable of.

Believe in the amazing things you can do because, in truth, you’re more than what you think you are, and we believe in YOU.