Intrinsic Inspiration: what is it and where do you find it?

Happy Friday!

This week in the office we had a round table discussion about intrinsic inspiration, something Infinite No 1 was designed to invoke. I’d like to expand the conversation outside the office and ask, what is it to you?

To me, it's two things: (1) looking inward for validation and (2) belief in our innate abilities.

So often we look outward for validation from our friends or spouse, parents or managers, our children even, but to achieve our goals, we must look inward first and believe in ourselves and our immense potential. Intrinsic inspiration will help move you forward on your path and keep you going, one step at a time.

But the road isn’t always smooth and some days we don’t have the energy to be intrinsically inspired. This is where Infinite No 1 steps in – this powerfully sophisticated fragrance is there to remind you your strength and capabilities are infinite!

So, take a deep breath and know you can do anything when you believe in yourself!