Radiate Positivity: 3 Ways to Choose Happiness in Life

Today we’re spritzing on our fav Infinite Collection fragrance and radiating positivity! Here are three ways to join in the fun with us!

1. Repeat the mantra I choose happiness

To radiate positivity and cultivate happiness it’s important to shift your mindset. One of the best ways to shift your mindset is through repeating mantras. Did you know? Mantras are key in transforming negative and unhelpful thoughts into positive and empowering ones! So, let’s get started on shifting our thoughts away from negative feelings and towards positive emotions. With intentionality and mindfulness, repeat the mantra I Choose Happiness and watch how your happiness and positive mindset grows!

2. Practice Gratitude

We are complex and complicated beings often feeling an array of emotions at one time. One way to balance any negative feelings or critical self-talk we’re experiencing is to acknowledge those emotions and then begin to balance them by reciting what you are grateful for in your life. Practicing gratitude does not mean we dismiss or ignore hard things we may be going through, it means we develop the ability to seek the positive in our lives and thus cultivate happiness through growing to understand that life is a multifaceted mixture of experiences, adventures and challenges and that it can be hard and overwhelming at the same time as being beautiful and fulfilling!

3. Surround yourself with inspiration

Gather up your favorite positive affirmations, mantras, uplifting quotes, a pen, some post-it notes and get writing! After jotting down these favorite phrases, place them where you will see them (and maybe even be surrounded by them!) every day. Allow these simple notes of positivity to light up your day, remind you of your inner strength and get you radiating positivity and choosing happiness on the daily!