The Power Of Scent

Scent is transformative.

Think about it. A pleasant sensation wafts over and through you when you walk in a house and are engulfed in the sweet scent of chocolate chip cookies just from the oven or the savory aroma of homemade bread baking. These scents delight the senses, but also bring a sense of happiness to us. (For more info, check out this study on how a pleasing scent can counter feelings of unhappiness).

As the year marker of the COVID-19 pandemic inches closer and the winter months carry on, it’s important to remember the incredible power of scent in changing our mood and outlook.

I designed the Infinite Collection fragrances with the intent of bringing a confidence boost and a positive mood when you spritzed on the beautiful, sophisticated (and, of course, pleasing) scent of our fragrances.

So, grab your rollerball and roll on some Infinite No 2, or (maybe and!) take your Infinite No 1 bottle and spritz some on your wrists and neck. Smell the gorgeousness as it surrounds you and watch yourself glow, ready to conquer whatever comes next.