Three Ways to Say I Love You (to Yourself)

We readily say “I love you” to our family, our friends, our pets, but how frequently do we say “I love you” to ourselves?

At best, infrequently. At worst—we’re guessing the answer is never. Yikes!

Getting in the habit of telling yourself “I love you” is a simple way to shift your mentality from self-criticism, negative thoughts, and self-sabotage to self-compassion, positive thoughts, and having belief in yourself.

With all these positive benefits, let’s get started!

1 - When You Wake Up

Whether you wake up to an alarm, a dog excitedly bouncing on your bed asking for breakfast, a child’s soft coos (or loud cries!), or just on your own when you’re ready, after you open your eyes and realize, “Oh geez, I’m awake,” pause for one minute before jumping out of bed.

In that brief sixty seconds, tell yourself, “I love you.” Say nothing more, say nothing less. Perhaps you sandwich this powerful phrase between a big breath or a soft sigh, but only say those three formidable words, “I love you.”

When the sixty seconds are up, you can rest there longer, or pop right up and start your day—whatever the occasion requires!

2 - At the Mirror

Mirrors are everywhere and a great chance to look yourself in the eye and tell yourself this truth (though we recognize when you start this practice it may not be as true as you would like it to be, don’t worry and don’t give up! It one day will be Truth, just keep at it—slow and steady!)

So, while you’re brushing your hair, or putting on mascara, or washing your hands, or just grabbing something from the bathroom, or walking out the door; wherever you find yourself in front of a mirror, stop. Pause. Look yourself in the eyes and say, “I love you.”

That’s it. Then, move on. When you glance in the next mirror (your car’s rearview mirror?), say it again! By getting in the practice of acknowledging yourself, really looking at yourself, and giving yourself this moment of self-love, you are changing your mindset and creating a strong weapon for fighting off the self-blame, self-disgust, self-criticisms that we are always so good at doling out

3 - Before Something Big

Have a big presentation? A big exam? A big moment where you are going to talk to someone important? Basically, if there is something you are about to do that you are nervous about, like deep-down in the pit of your stomach nervous about, before you head out to do The Thing, say to yourself, “I love you.”

It could be a whisper, it could just be in your head, maybe you’re in an acoustically pleasant space and you want to shout it out—whichever way you say the words, what matters is that you say them. And repeat them if needed!

As you embrace these three small words—just ten characters if you count the spaces—you will feel your demeanor change, your outlook improve, and your ability to face whatever’s in front of you strengthen.

So go ahead, today and every day, spritz on one of our empowering fragrances and tell yourself “I love you,” and watch how your world changes!