There are no limits at Ilsa Fragrances.

Here, we are about encouraging inspiration and beauty through thoughtful, unique creations that empower you to do and be whatever you dream. And as dreams begin when we are children, Ilsa Fragrances donates 5% of net proceeds to Girls on the Run, a nonprofit for girls' empowerment.


After the birth of my first daughter, life handed me the opportunity to combine my knowledge, skills and dreams to create Ilsa Fragrances, a company that encourages women to believe in themselves, no matter what obstacle they face.

I lacked this all important self belief until my daughter’s arrival in my life. My desire to be the best person I could be for her gave me the confidence I needed to finally pursue my dreams.

By taking action and creating Ilsa Fragrances, I hope to teach my daughter, and her little sister, that their capabilities are infinite and that if they can imagine it, they can do it.

So to you, to my daughters, and to myself, I say:

Never mind the sky – there is no limit!




*Photo by Photos By Elena and Jim*