3 Mantras For Renewal

As we breathe in the sweet, dulcet notes carried to us on the fresh, spring breeze, we embrace the mantras of the month that have brought us peace, strength and renewal

Just Breathe

Taking a moment to pause, reset and Just Breathe allows chaotic emotions to calm so that you may fully embrace the moment and get through that challenge you’re struggling with, or fully embrace the joyful experience you’re having.

With Every Breath, I Find Ease

Opening up to the peaceful world of Ease does not mean you have stopped pursuing your dreams. It does not mean you are giving up on what you want. It does not mean you turn around when faced with an obstacle. It means you are choosing to find a way towards your dreams, towards what you want and up, over and through obstacles in a way that is not against the current, but in a way that unlocks easily and moves forward without incredible, insatiable resistance. Or in other words… with Ease.

Breathe In The Light, Breathe Out The Dark

By breathing in the light and breathing out the dark we welcome spring, its new awakening and all the fresh opportunities it has to offer, all while saying goodbye to the dark months of winter, welcoming renewal to our mind, body and soul.