4 Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls of Perfectionism in Life

It's Monday and we're ready to conquer the week! Or... are we? Is it more like, it's Monday and we're so busy seeking perfection that we're piling on the stresses of high standards, fear of failure and unrealistic expectations that we're about ready to have a breakdown?? EEK. Because our mission is to empower you to believe in yourself and all you can do, we at Ilsa Fragrances want to help you shed the unrealistic goals of the pursuit of perfection. We want to encourage you to be your best self, but not at the sacrifice of your mental health and wellbeing, because the pursuit of perfection actually causes the opposite of a positive mindset and a healthy attitude.

The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

Research shows that when we seek perfection what ensues are negative outcomes for our mental and physical health. Because we cannot ever in reality be absolutely perfect, seeking perfection can lead to psychological distress such as feeling guilt and shame. It can lead to anxiety disorders, depression, loneliness and, most frighteningly, suicidal tendencies. Physically it affects us by causing exhaustion, muscle tension, chest tightness. YIKES.

4 Way to Kick Perfectionist Ways

Kill the negative self-talk

Perfectionist tendencies will have us seeing everything we do as wrong, and that's just plain not right! We're here to tell you that to be human is to be imperfect, so when you spill your morning coffee as you pour it - laugh! Get a towel, clean it up and move on with your day. When you see a spelling error in the deck you're presenting, ignore it and move on. You are more than that tiny mistake! In fact, let go of perfection and remind yourself that You Are Enough, and always remember that!

Good enough is good enough

High expectations can have us wasting time and becoming mentally distressed as we complete a task, then complete it again and again and again because it isn't perfect. It's time to chuck the pursuit of perfection in our achievements because, as we've shown, it's destructive to our mental and physical health to let perfect get in the way of good.

Stop comparing

The fastest way to low self-esteem? Comparing yourself to others. Stop it - just stop it right now! It's time to let go of perfection and remind yourself (again !) that You Are Enough. And if you need more than that, visit this post we did in June about why we shouldn't compare ourselves to others and how to knock the horrendous, self-defeating habit!

A Mantra for Your Mental Health

Finally, let's engage the power of fragrance and our Monday mantra. It's time to look in that mirror, take a deep breath, spritz on your favorite Infinite Collection fragrance (because a favorite scent can reduce stress, anxiety and depression!), and say to yourself: I let go of perfection. Say it three times and then head out into your day.

Remember your mind is incredibly powerful, which is why perfectionism is such a pitfall ! So, harness the power of your mind and this mantra. As you go about your day and you see yourself seeking perfection, when you can feel the undue pressure and negativity that perfectionism brings, say to yourself, "I let go of perfection." Slowly, but surely, you'll get there... because, as we like to say, practice makes progress!