5 Fascinating Facts About Ilsa Fragrances

It’s incredible how fast five years goes. As we celebrate this momentous occasion of Ilsa Fragrances’ 5th birthday, here are 5 fascinating facts about us.

  1. Fragrance is our jam

Founder Ilsa Manning’s career and fragrance passion began, and were honed, at fragrance powerhouses Givaudan and Coty. She even participated in a fragrance training session at Givaudan’s perfumery school outside of Paris led by legendary perfumer (and then perfumery school director) Jean Guichard ! #lucky

  1. All about that safety

To create the safest, most exquisite fine fragrances, we knew they had to adhere to the strictest regulations out there, which means following European Union regulations. Each year our fragrances are reviewed against IFRA, EU (and of course US) regulations to assure we are using the safest and highest quality ingredients in our products.

  1. There’s intention in them thar bottles

When creating the scents for Infinite No 1 and Infinite No 2, founder Ilsa Manning’s intention for each fragrance, though spritzed on the outside, was to ignite the wearer’s inner beauty, inner confidence and inner courage through the notes she chose; notes that are inspiring, awakening, empowering.

  1. Niche is the word

Not only are The Infinite Collection fragrances created with the intent to empower and inspire, they are created with the outlook that perfumery is art. Our fragrances are designed from imagination using notes that provoke an inner awakening from their dynamic intermingling.

  1. The OG infinite empowering perfume with a purpose

In early March 2015, the idea for Ilsa Fragrances arrived. Founder Ilsa Manning had an epiphany that concerned the word finite and wanting to be the best person she could be for her 3-month-old daughter. Sounds confusing, but what occurred for Ilsa was the word finite flipped and became INFINITE, and when this happened, Ilsa realized all she had done in life hadn’t been a failure, but a success. She had just lacked self-belief and had been looking at her life the wrong way. But, how did finite flip to be INFINITE? The catalyst for this event was the unassuming and unconditional love her daughter gave her, which transformed into the magical and extraordinary gift of self-belief.

Once Ilsa had this feeling, she knew she had to use her fragrance passion to empower and inspire self-belief in every woman. But Ilsa couldn’t stop there. She also wanted to inspire self-belief in young girls as well. Poor self-esteem and lack of self-belief were a strong feature in Ilsa’s early life, so she knew she had to pair with a non-profit that would empower girls to become empowered women. This is why Ilsa Fragrances donates to Girls On The Run with each sale.

So, coming full circle, the idea for Ilsa Fragrances and The Infinite Collection arrived in 2015 and after 18 months of business establishment and product development, on September 15, 2016 it came to life. And why did we name it The Infinite Collection?  Because your dreams, capabilities and potential are INFINITE.

It’s 5 years on. Ilsa’s daughters are growing up quickly and Ilsa Fragrances is growing along with them, achieving its mission of perfume with a purpose and empowering women to believe in themselves and all they can do.

Here's to another 5 years and more!