A Powerful Mantra to Remember That All Is Well

It's the holidays, which no doubt means there's an overabundance of psychological distress in the air! Seriously, though, while this time of year brings warm, fuzzy feelings because of the inundation to our lives of holiday music, holiday treats, holiday decorations, and (of course) holiday shopping, the chaos that it also brings can feel overwhelming! There are so many more activities and gatherings that get added to the calendar, and then never mind the financial burden of the month! Not only do you have your family to shop for, there's your favorite coworker, your friend group, and we can never forget the teachers ! The intensity of the holiday season can bring such a chaotic state of mind that all you want to do (and are able to do!) is collapse on the couch. Here's our short advice for when this happens to you!

Take a deep breath

Really! Pause for a moment, wherever you are, and take a deep, long, full breath. Hold it at the top and then slowly breath is out. This small action can make a big change in your ability to manage all that the holiday season brings your way.

Try this simple mantra

If you've been an Ilsa Fragrances afficionado for awhile, you will know that we love daily mantras as a way to bolster your mental strength and allow a positive mindset to thrive in your life. We believe it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself (and one of the simplest things you can do for yourself!) to improve your quality of life, as well as the love you give and the love you get. So, for a calmer subconscious mind (and conscious mind!) during this holiday season, take this present moment, breathe in deeply, and repeat the mantra, All Is Well. When you feel the holidays becoming just too overwhelming, tell your self on repeat: All Is Well. Because the reality is that all is well, even if it feels overwhelming in that moment. Whatever is troubling you or stressing you out is not permanent and you will find the solution or be able to manage whatever is happening. We know this because we believe in you and the strength that lies within you. So, now it's time for you to believe in you and by saying the mantra, All Is Well, you will allow yourself the space to see that whatever it is you are faced with is surmountable!

Don't forget the fragrance

And, as always, remember to spritz on your favorite Infinite Collection fragrance so you're smelling amazing and feeling great whatever time of the year it is!