Spring is officially four weeks away, which also means we’re in the thick of winter. The most amazing thing about this is that we’re surviving this winter. To be honest, maybe we’re not even just surviving, but exceling at it.

Depending on where you live there have been atmospheric rivers, thundersnow, polar vortexes. There’s been blizzards, colder-than-usual-temps, extreme wind and crazy days of rain. PHEW !

We see you being resilient through it all. Putting on your layers - your turtlenecks, your sweaters, your fleece-lined tights and pants. Your warm jackets, your gloves, your knit pom beanies.

You’re making it through this tough winter, you’re making it through these long, frigid days, you’re getting out and living your life despite it all because you are resilient.

We are inspired by you and your strength – your ability to surmount what is thrown at you, whether (or weather? 😉) it’s the weather, work, family, health, or just everyday life.

This is why today’s Monday mantra is I Am Resilient. Because you are! You are out there conquering, being resilient and overcoming whatever comes your way.