Dear Fear

One of the hardest emotions in life that we deal with on a daily basis is fear. Fear is one of the strongest, most fortified systems of protection we each have inside us; the literal purpose of fear is to help keep us safe. Yet, if we let fear be in charge it can also hurt us. It can paralyze us and keep us stuck, unable to move forward or make the changes we desperately want, or even need, to make the life we want and be the people we want to be.

This is why this week our mantra is: I Accept And Acknowledge My Fear, And I do It Anyway.

Acknowledge your fear – say hi, write it a note and tell it thank you for the protection, but this time, I got it. Tell your fear: today you are not protecting me, but hurting me by keeping me from moving forward to the goal or dream that I have.

Once you’ve acknowledged and accepted your fear, embrace it because it’s part of your growing process. Embrace it, and then do the thing you’re so scared to do – you got this.