Easy Does It

Some days, some weeks, some months even, it feels like we are pushing against the current. We are fighting tooth and nail to have our way and be in control. Holding on so tightly to expectations can cause great inner pain, incredible stress, depression, short temperedness, frustration, and anger towards others.

Today, we seek a space that allows us to let go of the huge boulder we’re fiercely attempting to push up Mount Everest while the wind beats us back. There are other ways to get where we need to go, so today we start with this mantra:

With Every Breath, I Find Ease.

Opening up to the peaceful world of Ease does not mean you have stopped pursuing your dreams. It does not mean you are giving up on what you want. It does not mean you turn around when faced with an obstacle. It means you are choosing to find a way towards your dreams, towards what you want and up, over and through obstacles in a way that is not against the current, but in a way that unlocks easily and moves forward without incredible, insatiable resistance.

We hope that with every breath you take today you can find ease and move through your day a little less stressed and a little more peacefully.

Happy Monday from the Ilsa Fragrances team!