Embracing Confidence: Quick Tips to Build Yourself Up

It's August and we'll be breaking out of our comfort zone with this month's fragrant journey of self-discovery: embracing confidence.

We at Ilsa Fragrances believe that inside each and every one of us is a dense core of inner strength. It's from this spot that our self-belief and confidence shines. But sometimes it's also hidden, and sometimes we hide it ourselves.

A couple ways we do this is through negative self-talk or comparing ourselves to others (especially on social media - stop it already!). Then, of course, there is the huge way our light can be dimmed, and that is through societal pressures. (You can read about our founder's struggles with societal pressures in the empowering anthology (and Amazon best seller!) Deserts to Mountaintops: Our Collective Journey to (re)Claiming Our Voice. But we digress . . . ) Today we're going to offer you two ways you can kick your lack of confidence to the curb and become the confident person you desire (and deserve!) to be.

I am Bold, Fearless and Confident

If this is your first time at Ilsa Fragrances, Welcome! We're going to let you in on something that's not really a secret—our mission is to empower you to believe in yourself and all you can do. One of the ways we support this mission is by offering weekly suggestions of mantras and this week is no different. The science behind mantras and their effect on a person's mind, body and spirit are expansive, which is why we're a firm believer in affirmations for empowering you to believe in you.

So, our first step in embracing confidence is to take a deep breath and repeat this mantra: I am bold, fearless, and confident. Repeat it now, again and again; repeat it in an hour, repeat it at bedtime. As you say the words, breathe the words in and out and let them reach your dense core of inner strength. Practice saying this mantra when you wake up in the morning, before a big meeting, or if you've got social anxiety (or any kind of anxiety), then before even leaving the house. By reciting this mantra, you will be building self-confidence and a positive mindset, fortifying your core of inner strength, and allowing the beautiful light of your self-belief and confidence to shine.

Spritz that confidence on

We've got some good news - one of the best ways to embody your true confidence? Spritz on some perfume! Just like mantras, there are myriad studies behind the spectacular effects fragrance has on people's mind, body and soul, which is why we are a company that uses fragrance to empower you to believe in yourself and all you can do!

When you spritz on your favorite fragrance, the pleasure sparked from this action ignites your confidence, allowing it to radiate from you in nonverbal expressions. This study found that fragrance affects psychological impressions, which means that confidence you're radiating once you spray on your perfume? Well, it's also felt by others! So, the next time you're hurriedly running out the door, take a second to spritz on your favorite perfume because it's one of the most important things you can do for yourself to boost your inner, and outer, confidence.

We are so excited to be alongside you on your fragrant journey to building confidence this month. And it may seem that the world is full of confident people, but truthfully, they are trying to figure it all out just like you. So, let's get rid of self-limiting beliefs, work on expressing our true self and tapping into our dense core of inner strength. The best way to do that? Say I Am Bold, Fearless and Confident while spritzing on your favorite fragrance, then let your confidence shine out and guide you through your day!

Much love from your #perfumewithapurpose