Hello, Empowered Accessories

We recently learned about the jewelry brand Dogeared, despite it being around for nearly 30 years. Have you heard of them? Its name was born from the idea of “dogearing” a book page, marking a place you want to come back to by turning down the top corner of a page. Being a book lover, I was immediately intrigued with the brand.

As I dug deeper into their mission, I discovered their jewelry had the same purpose as our Infinite Collection fine fragrances and luxury candles – to ignite and bring out the beauty, strength and power that lies within you. Not only that, they’re also a certified B corporation that supports non-profits, one of them being Girls, Inc.

I engaged with this brand on such a deep level and found it to be so in tune with our mission, I just had to bring it to Ilsa Fragrances.

So, starting today I introduce to you our Empowered Accessories Collection. I hope you love it as much as I do!