How To Break Free From (and Overcome!) Limitations

We are spritzing on our favorite Infinite Collection fragrance, stepping out of our comfort zone and breaking free from limitations today!

Don't be scared—we know that sounds horrendously frightening, but our mission at Ilsa Fragrances is to empower you to believe in yourself and all you can do (& smell good while doing it, of course!), and part of that is doing the hard work of personal growth, finding your inner strength and embracing the power that exists within your true self.

I release old barriers and rise

The first step on our empowering journey to breaking free from limitations and embracing our confidence is to look in the mirror at your beautiful self and say this mantra: I release old barriers and rise. Take a deep breath and say it again!

To free ourselves from self-imposed limitations, we've got to get rid of our old barriers first. So, what are yours? Maybe you hold yourself back from speaking in meetings, even though you know you've got something valid and valuable to contribute. Is this you? Look at your gorgeous self in the mirror and say, Not today! Today I release old barriers and I rise! Or perhaps your barrier is negative self-talk—look in that mirror and tell that fabulous you: I release old barriers and rise: I can, I have worth, I am strong! Carry this with you throughout the day and say these words anytime that negative self-talk rears its head and slay it with this powerful statement!

Whatever your barrier (lack of confidence, fear of failure, or something else) that is keeping you from understanding how amazing, powerful, and unique you are, use this new skill of mantra repetition to build your inner strength, move towards a positive mindset, break through your self-limiting beliefs, and embrace your confidence and true potential.

. . . And Do It Again!

So where do we go from there? Well, the next step to follow is just to follow the first step! We're keeping things simple today because mantra repetition has such a powerful, positive outcome it is one of the most practical strategies we can offer on your transformative journey of building self-confidence. Seriously! When you repeat a mantra frequently it allows the words to take root in your mind, replacing self-imposed limitations and negative self-talk with a deep understanding of your own capabilities.

You are an incredible being with unique talents and a world of possibilities ahead of you, and we're here for the long haul to help you with actionable tips that aid mindset shifts so we can all be our best selves . . . and smell amazing while we're at it too!

Much love from the Ilsa Fragrances team