In and out

There are so many emotions life is filled with – happy, sad, stressed, angry, excited, nervous, surprised, awed, disgusted are a few that come to mind. This quick list, of course, is not complete. Us humans are varied and complicated and can feel all these emotions and more, and even all of them at the same time.

Life can get a bit overwhelming sometimes with all these emotions – whether they are positive, negative or a combination of the two. In honor of the complexity of our emotions, our mantra for the day is: Just Breathe.

Seriously! Pause in what you’re doing, close your eyes and Just Breathe. Say it to yourself while taking a huge loving breath in and slowly releasing it.

Taking a moment to pause, reset and Just Breathe will allow the chaotic emotions to calm so that you may fully embrace the moment to work your way through that challenge you’re struggling with, or fully embrace the joyful experience you are having.

So, go ahead. Just Breathe and have a joyful day!