Our Two-Step Guide to Owning Your Unique Beauty

Social media, and the media in general, is magical in that what we see is not necessarily reality. Social media has all kinds of filters people use to adjust their appearance while magazines have photoshop, and TV and movies have visual effects to adjust people's appearance. Because what is presented to us in these mediums does not reflect the different shapes and diverse physical traits we have in the real world, we want to remind you, our Ilsa Fragrances Aficionados, of your own unique beauty.

In our journey to embracing confidence, we want you to embrace and own your unique beauty. What does this mean? To answer this, we have to quote the wise Dr. Seuss, "There is no one alive who is Youer than You." Seriously! Even if you are an identical twin, your features are not 100% exactly the same, your personalities are not exactly the same, you don't write with the same hand, etc., etc., etc.! As the man said, "There is no one alive who is Youer than You!" So, now that we've established that you are the only person out there like you, we want to delve a little deeper and offer you a great way (or two!) that will help you begin to intrinsically believe and own your unique style, your unique features and help your unique authentic self shine.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

First things first, we want you to look in the mirror and see yourself - your hair, your eyes, your mouth, your body - look at it all in its glory. Remember - "there is no one alive who is Youer than You!"

We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and not enough time seeing our own unique qualities, and so while you are looking in the mirror at your unique self, we want you to think about the best things about You. Ask yourself, what is best about my hair, what is best about my face, what is best about my body? And we know that this is hard work, especially the first time you do it. We know that it's easy to let negative thoughts pervade the process of cultivating appreciation for your own unique beauty. We also know that You Can Do Hard Things, girl!

So, look in that mirror and say what is best about your features, and if a negative thought claws its way into this practice then, first step, you recognize this self-defeating thought about yourself, and second step, you chuck it out and look at or grab whatever part of your body you have had this negative thought about and you tell that body feature - I Love You. And then, say it over and over again! This is one of the best means of evolving your mentality on your body and to owning your unique beauty.

I Embrace My Uniqueness And Shine

Another great way to acknowledge and recognize your own beauty and feel powerful in your own skin, is to say this simple, yet effective, mantra, "I Embrace My Uniqueness and Shine." It is game-changing to your confidence and self-belief when you love your own body and own your unique gifts - people will notice. They will notice because when you embrace your uniqueness, you will shine!

The positivity and self-love you cultivate and grow through these two practices we've suggested here today for owning your unique beauty will be contagious - others will want to know what you've done or how you've changed, when in fact, all you've done is fully, deeply and truly understood how absolutely amazing you are!

And when you're having a bad day, because let's face it we all do, physically embrace your body, proudly own your own unique beauty, tell yourself "I Embrace My Uniqueness and Shine," and then spritz a little of your favorite Infinite Collection fragrance on and watch how your bad day turns out to be not so bad anymore!

Much love from your #perfumewitharpurpose