Confessions of a Mompreneur: Priorities

At this exact moment in time I feel like that gif of Kermit the Frog where he’s got his hands in the air and is flinging himself around crazily.

It’s nap time. The 4yr old can only sleep for 60 minutes or bedtime’s a nightmare. I’m 30 minutes into this window, my only time to focus on anything business related today, and I am that version of Kermit.

I’m hopping from creating marketing materials, to writing distribution guidelines, to posting and commenting on social media. Now I’m taking product photos, I’m counting inventory, I’m updating the website….I’m writing this blog ! There is SO much to do when you’re a small business owner.

But today is Sunday, and maybe I shouldn’t be doing anything at all.

That’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, you’re always on the clock. The thing about being a #mompreneur (for me at least!) is that you’re always on the clock for your kiddos, running the household, and then also the business.

This probably adds to the general exhaustion, the #mombrain, feeling scattered and overwhelmed.

How do I overcome this? Sometimes I can’t and my husband comes home to an impatient and spent person who goes to bed as soon as the children do.

But, most of the time, I give myself a good talking to, then ask myself, what can’t I do while the children are awake? The answer comes quickly – that email I’ve been meaning to send? I cannot do that while they’re awake. Any second I’m at the computer they’re crawling on me and wanting to send the email themselves. Not helpful. So now while they sleep, I write the email.

That mountain of laundry that’s been sitting there for days waiting to be folded and put away? That - that can be folded while the girls are awake. So now while they sleep, the laundry waits.

Once I prioritize what I need to do based on what I can do while the girls are asleep vs. awake, I’m able to tackle my to do list.

After this, when the girls are awake, the only struggle is making the choice to fold laundry instead of play with the girls. And let’s be honest, I’ll always choose playing with the girls!

Here’s to wrinkled clothes!