Quick Way to Boost Your Confidence Today

Is it cold by you? It is cold by us here in Phoenix, AZ! We’re throwing on the layers, spritzing on some Infinite No 1—staying warm and boosting our confidence is the name of the game this month!

With that in mind, our weekly mantra is: I begin this week with confidence, knowing my strength.

Do you know your strength? Perhaps you think you aren’t strong. We’re here to tell you that you ARE! You have an amazing amount of strength, tenacity, perseverance, and determination inside of you. Maybe you’ve had to tap into some of this strength recently, or maybe it’s in there dormant, just waiting for the moment when you need it.

If you find yourself doubting this strength is within you, take a deep breath and, either looking in the mirror or with your eyes closed, say, “I am strong.” As you go about your day, whenever you see yourself in a mirror say, “I am strong.” Repeat this little phrase at whatever moment it hits you throughout the day and watch how that doubt you may have had begins to diminish and then vanish. Because guess what? You Are Strong! And your strength resides within you, like a small, glowing ball of golden light.

So, stay warm, smell great, and this Monday repeat the mantra: I begin this week with confidence, knowing my strength.

Much love,

The Ilsa Fragrances Team