The Best Way to Tap into Your Creative Potential

It's October and this month your Perfume With A Purpose is empowering you to tap into your creative power! Now, this might be out of your comfort zone because just maaayybbee you feel you are not innately a creative person. We're here to tell you to have all the feels—and accept them while embracing your creative side. It can be scary to try new things, and put yourself out there creatively, but we believe in you and in your infinite capabilities and potential!

Hello, Creative Genius

Today, our first step to tapping into your creative power (and get you on your way to being the creative genius you are!) is, of course, our mantra - My Creativity Knows No Bounds.

We focus on a mantra because it is often our mental fears that stifle our creative energy and keep us from developing a creative process and letting our imaginations run wild. We've got to kick our fear of failure to the curb—and that starts by conquering our negative self-thoughts. So, first thing (and today our only thing!) is to use the powerful tool of the mantra to shift our thoughts to a positive mindset and get believing in our own creative potential.

When you wake up, or take a shower, or look in the mirror, or drive, or are at the grocery store, or wherever is really our point! Take a deep breath and say to yourself, My Creativity Knows No Bounds. Say it once, and then hit repeat. Repeat it throughout your day.

And one of the best ways to tap into your inner creativity through a mantra? Grab some fresh air! Go for a walk and as you're out and about getting some gentle exercise, tell yourself, My Creatively Knows No Bounds.

Shifting your mindset away from a "I can't do this" thinking, or a "I don't have any creative ideas" mentality is hard, but important, work for believing in yourself and all you can do.

We believe each one of us holds infinite potential to do amazing things, which is why we're empowering you to tap into your creative power. And, girl, we can't wait to see what you create!

Much love!

The Ilsa Fragrances Team