The Coziest Candle Ever

September brings on all the feels as the days begin to shorten, the leaves turn and the warmth of wooly sweaters call. It’s also when we seek the comfort of home, making our ‘den’ as cozy as possible for the hibernating winter months ahead. What better way to do this than with an Ilsa Fragrances Luxury Candle?

We’ve transformed the scent of our signature Infinite No 1 fine fragrance into a sumptuous perfume-grade fragrance, hand-poured candle. The sophisticated, warm, woody notes exude from an all-natural coconut wax blend that’s not only sustainable, but paraben free and non-GMO coconut.

It’s chic look and rich scent perfectly create the coziest space for the fall and winter months – you won’t want to cuddle up and be anywhere else!