Welcome 2017!

We’re so excited to start the New Year with you, but first let’s say adieu to 2016!

For me, 2016 was an incredible year filled with hope, love, trial and success.

With hope, I started the journey of creating Infinite No 1; in love, I had the support of friends and family during the trials of Infinite No 1’s creation, and the success of its launch on September 15, 2016.

But this was only half of my incredible year - the birth of my second daughter added to the hope, love, trial and success of 2016.

Four days before the launch of Infinite No 1, I went into the hospital with life threatening pregnancy complications. The baby successfully came into the world four weeks early surrounded by hope, love...and much gratitude for the medical team that kept both her and I alive.

2016 taught me I’m braver and stronger than I ever thought - physically, mentally, personally and professionally. I strive to impart these qualities to my daughters in my actions and words each day …and while I may not be perfect in this endeavor, thankfully there is always tomorrow to try again!

All the best to you (and our girls) for a successful 2017!