Welcome Infinite No 2

Formulation for this fabulous fragrance began over 4 year ago, if you can believe it. I loved this scent so much that I couldn’t get it out of my mind – so here it is, after all this time, in the flesh!

I’m so grateful for all the support that helped make Infinite No 2 a reality! My family, friends, fellow entrepreneurs; from my designer to my manufacturer – thank you for your patience and your talents!

And to the Phoenix community, which has given Ilsa Fragrances and the Infinite Collection such love (and who got to preview Infinite No 2 in June), thank you for your never-ending support and encouragement!

So, Welcome Infinite No 2! A beautiful, alluring and uplifting fragrance with a bright citrus opening, a refined and velvety amber heart, and an alluring cashmere base. To wear it is to celebrate your infinite joy and passion!

Remember - never mind the sky, there is no limit!