Women's Day

Today is not International Women’s Day. The celebration of International Women’s Day was last week, in fact, on March 8th. On that day our founder Ilsa Manning gave a book talk at local indie bookstore Changing Hands where she spoke on the power and resilience of women, as told through her story in her chapter (re)Birth in the anthology Deserts to Mountaintops: Our Collective Journey to (re)Claiming Our Voice.

As we at Ilsa Fragrances ponder the fact that a week has already passed since March 8th, we’re also wondering about why every day isn’t Women’s Day. Why don’t we talk about women’s strengths, resilience, accomplishments, or lack thereof, EVERY day?

Then we’re reminded that we DO – we at Ilsa Fragrances celebrate women each day. Through our fine fragrances, through our affiliation with Dogeared Jewelry, through our collaboration on the Amazon bestselling book Desert to Mountaintops, through our messaging on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Every day, and through every aspect of our brand, we aim to lift up women, to share their stories, to remind each of you out there that you have amazing capabilities and talents and they are yours to claim and use to achieve your dreams and goals.

So whether it is the official International Women’s Day of March 8th, or just any old day, we’re here to empower and remind you that your dreams, capabilities, and potential are INFINITE !