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Coffee & Conversation: Linda Foss, BoogieBulb creator

Coffee & Conversation: Facebook Live chats highlighting women and their achievements. April 18, 2017: BoogieBulb creator and entrepreneur Linda Foss. Ever wanted to know about inventing a product and taking it to market? BoogieBulb creator Linda Foss inspires us with her journey in the latest Ilsa Fragrances Coffee & Conversation.

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Coffee & Conversation

We’re so excited to announce our Facebook Live event – Coffee & Conversation. If you’re following the @ilsafragrances Instagram feed, then you’ll know we’re avid coffee consumers. What better to pair it with than great conversation? At each Coffee & Conversation we’ll highlight one fabulous woman and their extraordinary path. How did they pursue their passion? What are challenges they’ve faced? What advice do they have for others? And since it’s Facebook Live – we’ll be taking your questions, too! Mark your calendars! Our second Coffee & Conversation will be tomorrow, Tuesday, April 18th at 9:30am PST. We’ll be featuring mom, inventor and entrepreneur Linda Foss, creator of the BoogieBulb. Remember – never mind the sky, there is no limit!Ilsaxx

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