Infinite No 1 Candle Launches!

I’ve been working diligently since January to transform the beautiful fragrance of Infinite No 1 into a luxury candle for you!

I evaluated the candle over and over to make sure it filled the room and held the essence of Infinite No 1 – the warm, creamy sandalwood, the dry cedarwood, the spicy patchouli, and, of course, the pleasant hint of caramelly amber.

What’s more, as with all Ilsa Fragrances products, you can feel good when you purchase this candle. Not only because you know a percentage is going to Girls on the Run to empower our young girls, but also because our manufacturer works with the Adult Programs at the Exceptional Children’s Foundation in Los Angeles. Through ECF, they hire and train adults with special needs to hand pour each candle, empowering each person to achieve their potential and understand their capabilities.

The Infinite No 1 candle will bring beauty and empowerment to your home through its design and scent, while supporting and empowering girls and special needs adults - we are immensely proud of (and in love with!) this #productwithapurpose...and we know you will be too!

Remember – never mind the sky, there is no limit to what you can do and achieve!